Park Hill - Phase 1

Hawkins\Brown, Studio Egret West, Sheffield, 2011


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Regeneration of an iconic Brutalist post-war slum clearance scheme, providing 874 flats with a central hub of shops, bars and restaurants

Originally opened in 1961, the 32-acre Park Hill estate fell into disrepair during the 1980s.

The refurbishment of Park Hill aims to maximise the best qualities of the original design, including natural ventilation, south and west facing living areas awash with natural light and heat, and private balconies for each flat, commanding panoramic views of the city.

Several architectural interventions have been made in order to address the original design’s shortcomings. Coloured anodised aluminium panels replace the brickwork in the elevation and additional glazing in the north and east elevations let more sunlight into the flats, brightening up previously dark bedrooms during the day.

Flats have also been given large landing windows as a means of improving the passive surveillance of the ‘streets in the sky’, something Ivor Smith, the original architect, acknowledged as been a failure of the original design.

The centrepiece of the estate is a Piazza designed to serve as the nucleus of the community, offering shops, bars, pubs and restaurants serving not only Park Hill residents, but people from across Sheffield.


  • Begun: Dec 2007
  • Completed: Apr 2011
  • Floor area: 34,700m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £36.5M
  • Address: Duke Street, Sheffield, S1, United Kingdom

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