The Barbican Estate

Chamberlin, Powell & Bon, London, 1974


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The School for Girls as seen from east end of block six showing the water garden extending under the school 

Richard Einzig     Download Original

  • The School for Girls as seen from east end of block six showing the water garden extending under the school    
  • View inside the development showing St. Giles Church on the left    
  • Part of the podium over the junior school used as playground    
  • The eastern court at dusk showingthe brightly lit podium    
  • A typical corner of a terrace block showing concrete balcony fronts    
  • Block 17 seen from Golden Lane    
  • The grass playground of the school for girls with Block Six in background    
  • North elevation of Block Eight    
  • The hanging gardens to the under podium flats on the south side    
  • Part of the Roman wall and water garden seen from the piazza    
  • View from a balcony of Block Seven down to the stairs leading to the pool    
  • The public podium of Block Eleven looking towards Aldersgate Street    
  • Typical two-storey under podium flat    
  • Entrance to the flats from the public podium    
  • Site plan    
  • Site plan showing phases of development    
  • Plan of typical flats and maisonettes on various floors in east west terrace    
  • Plan of typical flats on various flats in east west terrace    
  • Plan of typical penthouse and plan of typical flats in north south terrace    
  • Plans of four-storey terrace houses at various levels    
  • Typical plan of Tower One    
  • North section of the Barbican    
  • Sectional perspective through Blocks 7 and 7b    
  • Section in perspective showing circulation    
  • Section of scissors floor plan area    
  • Axonometric of the scisssors plan    
  • School for Girls floor plans    
  • Section through Girls    
  • Model of the architects    
  • Model of the architects    
  • Model of the final proposal    
  • Initial plans for the Barbican    
  • The architects    

Residential neighbourhood spread over 35 acres, incorporating a centre for education and the arts, on a bomb-damaged site in the City of London

Grade II listed megastructure, containing 2,104 units made of 140 interlocking flat typologies, situated in the heart of London's financial and commercial district.

The City of London Corporation specified the creation of plentiful open and green space, meaning the scheme consists of three high-rise, high-density 400ft towers among the 13 residential buildings.

The blocks are interlinked by high level walkways and a concrete podium that is softened by water features and landscaping. The podium was created to raise the housing above the underground lines it sits upon and to make space for 2,000 car parking spaces and 3 miles of service ducts, sewers and waste disposal.

The Barbican complex contains schools, an art centre, theatre, cinema and leisure centre making it a self contained residential, educational and cultural centre.


  • Begun: 1965
  • Completed: 1974
  • Sector: Residential
  • Funding: Corporation of London
  • Address: The Barbican, Silk Street , London, EC2Y 8DS, United Kingdom

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