Park Hill Flats

Sheffield Corporation City Architect’s Department, Sheffield, 1961


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Slab blocks turn either 135 or 112 degrees 

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  • Slab blocks turn either 135 or 112 degrees    
  • View across an intermediate court    
  • Play area at south end of the site    
  • South end where fourth deck level leaves the ground    
  • Shopping centre to the left with victorian school on the right to be rebuilt    
  • Scheme from the east    
  • Block near Talbot Street at the South end    
  • Typical bridge connection between blocks    
  • The shopping centre sits under this tallest block    
  • North block with boiler house in foreground    
  • Main pedestrian route southwards from shopping centre    
  • Screen walls and terracing define pedestrian routes    
  • Tile mural used as a direction sign    
  • Lift entrances at the north end of the site    
  • A typical deck    
  • A bend in the deck    
  • Internal corner of block with escape balconies from bedrooms    
  • Escape stair at the north end of the site    
  • Typical detail of balconies    
  • Junction of retaining wall of site terracing with one of the blocks    
  • Typical front doors to flats and maisonettes    
  • Site layout showing shopping centre public houses and proposed primary school    
  • Overall development plan for the area    
  • Site plan of shopping centre    
  • Basement floor shopping centre plan    
  • Ground floor shopping centre plan    
  • First floor shopping centre plan    
  • Section through shopping centre    
  • Below deck level plan    
  • Deck level plan    
  • Above deck level plan    
  • Enclosed recreation area and view of ten-storey block    
  • Northern view of ten-storey block    
  • Side elevation     
  • The concrete frame with brick infill panels    
  • The corner of a block with L-shaped balconies jutting out    
  • L-shaped balcony protrude round a corner     
  • Escape stair tower    
  • Typical link bridge and escape stair    
  • Screen walls define the pedestrian walkways    
  • A typical deck    
  • A typical deck and front doors of flats and maisonettes    
  • Deterioration of original concrete balastrade    
  • Entrance to the men lavatories    
  • Plan of entrance door    
  • Section through entrance door    
  • Details of gutter expansion joint and edge beam    
  • Section at balcony side    
  • Elevation and plan of balcony    
  • Section at deck side    
  • Key section    

Redevelopment of a highly visible sloped clearance site to provide accommodation for 3,500 people in interlinked blocks

Built on the site of a 22-acre slum clearance between residential and heavy industry areas in Don Valley, the Park Hill flats, originally called the ‘Kelvin Redevelopment’, is a deck access scheme that was viewed as revolutionary when it was built.

The scheme originally created 948 dwellings ranging from single-person flats to six-person maisonettes, two pubs, six shops and a tenants’ hall. The slope of the site and size of the scheme meant that while maintaining the same level roof line throughout the building's height varies between four and thirteen stories.

The frame and floors are constructed from reinforced concrete with brick infill panels and breeze partitions. Heating and water comes from a central boiler plant. Five groups of lifts, each with two passenger and one goods lift, service the building.

The building was ganted Grade II listing in 1998 making it the largest listed building in Europe.


  • Begun: Mar 1957
  • Completed: 1961
  • Floor area: 94,322m2
  • Sectors: Residential, Retail
  • Total cost: £2.2M
  • Tender date: Sep 1956
  • Address: Park Hill Flats, Sheffield, S2 5QB, United Kingdom

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