Blackford Road

Konishi Gaffney Architects, Edinburgh, 2018


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This project is a single-storey pitched roof extension to a ground floor flat in a semi-detached house in Edinburgh.

Planning permission had previously been granted in 2010 by another architect for a flat roofed extension. This was not realised and in 2016 Konishi Gaffney Architects were commissioned to develop a new extension; the aim of the project was to create a light filled, open plan kitchen / dining space in the client’s beloved garden.

The orientation meant that by extending out into the garden the design takes advantage of east light that floods into the space through large areas of dark framed sliding doors and frameless glazing.

West-facing rooflights bring evening light into the room and offer glimpses of the sky and canopy of the trees above. The space houses a single, large kitchen/dining space that connects to the house using the original outshoot extension. This has been reconfigured to form a lobby and cloakroom area.

A small office is located at the end of the extension to provide a workspace away from the main house for the freelancing client. By keeping the eaves low and forming a shallow pitched roof the design takes on a single volumetric form that allows for high ceiling heights while minimising visual impact and overshadowing to the neighbouring property.

A few carefully considered details accentuate the form with its long and low proportions. These include minimising the external soffit so that the windows are full height and the eaves form a single datum running the length of the extension.

Internally a sliding door to the study follows the angled pitch of the roof and gives views down the length of the extension to a gable window that frames the garden beyond.

The horizontal larch cladding has been treated with an alkali wash to lighten the timber and ensure even weathering; a dark grey zinc roof maintain the clean lines and contemporary aesthetic. Internally the finishes have been kept simple and calm with limewashed timber ceiling boards that elongate the space.


  • Begun: Apr 2018
  • Completed: Aug 2018
  • Floor area: 45m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £121,990
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Nov 2017
  • Procurement: Traditional, minor works contract
  • Address: 24 Blackford Road, Edinburgh, EH9 2DS, United Kingdom

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