Russell Hunt Architects, London, 2018


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The project extends and reorganises the ground floor of a 1970s end-of-terrace townhouse in South East London to maximise the space and light.

The site featured a narrow wedge shaped piece of land to the side of the house and had some complex level changes to negotiate.

The site levels presented an opportunity to create an interesting internal volume. The ‘folded’ roof design was developed to achieve a simple coherent form that also enabled horizontal ridge and eaves levels, despite the site's splayed plan.

The varying roof pitches allow the internal volume to be maximised at the rear and yet appear modestly scaled to the front and side. Supported on an exposed steel superstructure, the roof of the new extension is constructed from Douglas fir joists sheathed externally with Douglas fir-faced plywood. These timber elements are left exposed as the internal ceiling finish.

Creating the new internal volume involved digging down. A new concrete retaining wall supports the adjacent footpath, provides eaves support for the roof structure and was carefully detailed to not take up too much of the narrow site area.

A new structural opening in the side of the house creates a full width kitchen, dining and living space at the rear with utility spaces and a study located at the front of the plan.

The material palette was kept simple – brick to match the existing flank wall, glazed bricks and composite glazing at the front and rear and a zinc roof. Internally, Douglas fir, plywood, laminate and a resin floor create simple, well coordinated spaces.

The fitted kitchen, designed by the client in consultation with a local carpenter, features brightly coloured laminate faced birch ply doors and surfaces.


  • Begun: Sep 2017
  • Completed: Jul 2018
  • Floor area: 62m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £225,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Jun 2017
  • Procurement: JCT Building Contract For a Home Owner (who has appointed a consultant to oversee the work)
  • Address: London, SE23, United Kingdom

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