Blacket Place

Somner Macdonald Architects, Edinburgh, 2018



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The principal proposition at Blacket Place was to reverse an historic sub-division of the semi-detached villa, located on the south side of Edinburgh.

Along with the reinstatement of the original pencheck stair, the most significant amendment to the property was the single-storey extension to the rear. Its proportions, materials and detailing have been developed to form a complementary but contrasting relationship to the adjacent B-Listed villa (est. 1850).

The extension provides a large family room, with a volume derived from the stepping nature from villa and off-shoot, aiming to create a subservient relationship with the original house, while also establishing an independent identity. A black zinc facade is orientated towards the north, with minimally framed glazing orientated towards the south and east to maximise direct sunlight, while maximising views of the mature gardens.

Internally a Douglas fir structure is exposed and the separation expressed to glazed outer skin. The project adopts a rhetoric of legible difference between the monolithic and solidity of the existing listed property and light touch of the extension; emphasised by the lightness of construction and a blurring of boundaries between inside and outside.


  • Begun: Apr 2018
  • Completed: Dec 2018
  • Floor area: 360m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £220,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Feb 2018
  • Procurement: MWD/Scot (2013 Edition)
  • Address: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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