Michele & Mike's Home

Zminkowska De Boise Architects, London, 2018


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The re-fit of an end-of-terrace, three-storey, late Victorian house in Ladbroke Grove for a family with three teenage children.

Michele & Mike had added a rear, single-storey extension to their home and converted their loft to create additional space when their children were young. However, as their children grew older, they found that the layout decreasingly suited their family’s lifestyle. They wanted to create separate personal space for their children to socialise, study, wash and for storage, and anticipating the demographic trend for children living at home for longer, maybe also for working from there as young adults too.

Having exhausted the possibilities of further extending their home and attracted by the strategy of maximising space with bespoke built-in joinery in a number of our previous projects, they invited us to ‘remix’ it.

On the first floor, the original painted timber windows, doors and skirtings, and moulded plaster cornices in the bedrooms were refurbished. Lacquered birch plywood joinery elements incorporating double beds, drawers, cupboards, shelves, and desks were ‘dropped’ into the front two bedrooms, and a shower room was inserted into the landing for the two younger boys. These elements differentiate new from old and add natural material warmth and playfulness, with one incorporating shelves for displaying favourite trainers and the other a galvanised steel scaffold pole hanging rail for tracksuit tops.

On the second floor in the loft, the floor, low level walls, ceiling and joinery, including a double bed, shelves, and desk were all constructed out of more plywood, and another shower room was inserted, to create a separate suite for the older girl.

Elsewhere, the layouts of the kitchen and what is now the master bathroom were re-tuned to be more ergonomic and refurbished with a richer palette of materials, from terrazzo, glazed ceramics, to oiled oak.


  • Begun: Jun 2018
  • Completed: Dec 2018
  • Floor area: 168m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £170,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Apr 2018
  • Procurement: JCT Building Contract for a Home Owner/Occupier
  • Address: 18 Kelfiled Gardens, London, W10 7LS, United Kingdom

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