Wetherill Road

RUFFarchitects Limited, London, 2018


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  • 010_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_cladding_and_window_detail    
  • 009_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_rear_elevation_details_0    
  • 008_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_rear_elevation    
  • 007_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_material_details_tiling_flooring_and_cladding    
  • 006_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_studio_interior    
  • 005_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_living_room_and_studio    
  • 004_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_kitchen_view_and_window_detail    
  • 003_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_kitchen_view    
  • 002_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_window_seat_and_shelf_detail    
  • 001_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_view_to_garden_from_kitchen    
  • 012_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_proposed_first_floor_plan    
  • 011_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_proposed_ground_floor_plan    
  • 015_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_proposed_working_details    
  • 015_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_proposed_section    
  • 014_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_proposed_side_elevation    
  • 013_ruffarchitects_wetherill_road_proposed_rear_elevation    

This full-scale ground floor and first floor refurbishment provides the owner with a dramatic transformation of their home.

Our aim was to provide the client with a comfortable, clean and light-filled series of spaces that would provide a new focus as full-time work made way for a pace change and semi-retirement.

The extension provides a soft integration with the mature garden, through the use of timber and raking window lights. Building on the client’s love of gardening, visual connections with the project’s surroundings were critical when developing the design narrative. The concept of a garden shed has been reimagined as a contemporary glass box, providing a reflective contemplation space in all weather.

Bespoke joinery helps link and zone the new open plan spaces. These spaces now integrate seamlessly with the rest of the project’s layout, looping and connecting, ensuring no dead ends and resulting in an easily translatable interior. A set of single French doors facing the fence line have been replaced with an abundance of views, glimpses and engagement with the outside. At all points in the day, regardless of weather, natural light sculpts and fills the house ensuring a connection with the outside world is always maintained.

Throughout the development of the project, we have continued to explore the juxtaposition between contrasting materials, through the use of Shou Sugi Ban charred timber and a beautiful frameless bay window, cocooning the light-filled, more meditative areas. This is also reflected in the colour palette we have implemented internally, utilising complementary shades of softened wood tones, and radiant and bright walls, joinery and fittings.

When designing someone’s home, we have found that as well as architects, we assume the role of guides for the client, in terms of exploring the emerging project. This collaborative and trusting approach builds consensus, reassurance and minimises disruption later on in the development of the scheme. The human factor was put at the forefront of our design, focusing closely on the client’s lifestyle and needs.


  • Begun: Apr 2018
  • Completed: Oct 2018
  • Floor area: 117m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £158,349
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Dec 2017
  • Procurement: Traditional JCT Minor Works
  • CO2 Emissions: 3437kg/m2/year
  • Address: 9 Wetherhill Road, London, N10 2LS, United Kingdom

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