Old Vicarage – Barlow

Peak Architects, Dronfield, 2018


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The Old Vicarage is a Grade II listed former vicarage now operating as a private residential property; it lies within Barlow Conservation area.

Peak Architects were asked by the client to provide a contemporary garden room extension to replace an underused 1980’s conservatory. The brief was to create a modern living space connected to the east terrace and the gardens beyond.

The success of the project is the result of a shared vision between the client and Peak Architects, and realised through the quality of the workmanship provided by the contractor Sheppard Builders (SY) Ltd.

Our proposal sought to demolish the existing rear porch to revert the Vicarage to its original state and therefore also create a larger courtyard area; supplying garden views and better daylighting to the existing kitchen areas.

A glazed, single storey, link extension is then proposed covering a portion of the existing courtyard area creating an internal space allowing free movement from the kitchen area of the Vicarage through to the outbuilding.

A lightweight glazed extension is proposed linking the buildings and situated within a proportion of the courtyard. It will be a single storey, low-lying structure sitting entirely below the existing western elevation courtyard wall in height.

A small parapet wall will surround the roof enabling the structure, rainwater systems and services to be hidden within whilst also creating a hidden gutter behind. The roof and east elevation will be glazed with carefully selected lightweight metal framing and double doors onto the existing rear drive area.

Aesthetically the Vicarage and outbuilding will continue read as two entirely separate buildings with the link extension creating the interior access space required.


  • Begun: Nov 2017
  • Completed: Jun 2018
  • Floor area: 49m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £139,000
  • Funding: Client
  • Tender date: Jun 2017
  • Procurement: RIBA Domestic Contract
  • Address: The Old Vicarage, Hackney Lane, Barlow , Dronfield, S18 7TR, United Kingdom

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