Roslyn Road

Magri Williams Architects, London, 2018


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  • magri_williams_-_view_01_-_rear_extension_-_overview_c_nicholas_worley    
  • magri_williams_-_view_08_-_living_room_-_hearth_detail_c_nicholas_worley    
  • magri_williams_-_view_09_-_ff_hallway_-_plywood_stair_c_nicholas_worley    
  • magri_williams_-_view_07_-_living_room_-_plywood_joinery_c_nicholas_worley    
  • magri_williams_-_view_06_-_kitchen_dining_c_nicholas_worley    
  • magri_williams_-_view_05_-_kitchen_-_ground_floor_window_c_nicholas_worley    
  • magri_wiiliams_-_view_04_-_view_to_garden_-_c_nicholas_worley_0    
  • magri_williams_-_view_03_-_rear_extension_-_brick_detail_c_nicholas_worley    
  • magri_williams_-_view_02_-_rear_extension_-_pivot_door_c_nicholas_worley    
  • magri_williams_-_view_10_-_ff_hallway_-_plywood_stair_detail_c_nicholas_worley    
  • drawings_and_detail    

The project comprises of a rear extension, loft conversion and complete house refurbishment.

In its basic form, the client’s brief was to enlarge the ground floor and provide an additional bedroom.

The existing house had a rear outrigger that stepped in form. In reference, the new ground floor extension is staggered, continuing the established rhythm and internally, defining the kitchen and dining area. At second floor, the loft was converted to provide an additional bedroom with ensuite.

The house was a Victorian property made from London Stock brick. We felt the brick was the most important material of the existing and epitomises the London terrace.

In response, the proposed brick for the extension was carefully chosen to echo the existing, but noticeably different in colour and arrangement to enable its reading as a new element.

Taking the brick back to its elemental form, it has three repeated faces. We wanted to express this in the extension. As such, the brick is laid in the same orientation to allow each face to be revealed as the building steps. The end face is expressed in the rear elevation; the side face in the stepped form; and the top face is rotated in the header detail. Internally, the tones of the external brick were examined to create the supporting material palette.

The walls are finished with a light clay. The floor in the extension transitions from an ash white polished concrete to a white square tile at the existing threshold, naturally arranged in a stack pattern. The tiles consist of a palette of many shades, creating variation and tonal composition, echoing the natural variation in the rear brick elevation. As a last material, plywood has been used in the kitchen, joinery and staircase to add warmth and softness to the house.


  • Begun: Jul 2017
  • Completed: Jul 2018
  • Floor area: 115m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £240,000
  • Tender date: Jan 2017
  • Procurement: JCT Minor Works Building Contract with Contractor Design Portion
  • Address: 81 Roslyn Road, London, N15 5JB, United Kingdom

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