Linden House

Ashleigh Clarke Architects, Blockley, 2022



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We were commissioned by our clients to design this ambitious side and rear extension for their beautiful detached home.

Our initial brief was very clear and our clients were keen to use the newly-created additional space for a more spacious living and garden room which connected seamlessly with the garden and patio area.

Our clients loved the design from the first sketch, which allowed for the large living room with the fire that they requested creating a beautiful focal point. The large glazed panels on the rear of the property flood the interiors with natural light and are hidden away from the front elevation, allowing our clients to retain their privacy whilst also providing a real sense of indoor/outdoor living and connectivity to the new patio space and surrounding gardens.

On the front elevation, the house is very balanced, following the roof pitch lines of the existing house but on the rear elevation, a flat roof is hidden and expands the entirety of the side extension to allow for a large living space connected to the rear garden that you wouldn’t know is there. We love how we have achieved this large space which meets our client’s needs but the feature we are most proud of is the large full-width glazing and the glazed panel feature above the doors which provides a sleek contemporary design and carefully hides the flat roof behind. This contrast between contemporary and traditional design has worked really well and provided a beautiful aesthetic.


  • Begun: Nov 2021
  • Completed: Sep 2022
  • Floor area: 67m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £220,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Nov 2021
  • Procurement: JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2016 with Contractors design
  • Address: Blockley, Blockley, GL56, United Kingdom

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