Eco House, Kent.

Starkey-tect, Faversham, 2017


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Rear View 

Bradley Starkey     Download Original

  • Rear View    
  • Front Elevation.JPG    
  • Front Elevation - detail    
  • Rear Elevation    
  • Rear Elevation and Re-Cycled Sleeper Wall    
  • Rear Walled Garden Looking Towards  Kitchen.JPG    
  • Walled Garden.JPG    
  • View From Kitchen.JPG    
  • Inner Courtyard.JPG    
  • Front Elevation - Before.JPG    
  • Rear Elevation - Before.JPG    
  • Existing Site Layout Plan    
  • Proposed Site Layout Plan    
  • Existing Ground Floor Plan    
  • Existing First Floor Plan.pdf    
  • Proposed Ground Floor Plan.pdf    
  • Proposed First Floor Plan.pdf    
  • North Elevation Existing and Proposed.pdf    
  • South Elevation Existing and Proposed.pdf    
  • Rear Elevation Existing and Proposed.pdf    
  • Section B-B and Section C-C.pdf    
  • Site Sections as Proposed.pdf    
  • 20222-7738-20364-9928f616064bddc410bbe36f72fa6544    
  • 12 Architectural Model.jpg    
  • 13 Architectural Model.JPG    
  • 20222-7738-20364-939cf8396ccdc5e1c093e8da0a5815fd    
  • 20222-7738-20364-27e086e4294f43a4602239480c4b9e74    
  • Construction of Walled Garden    
  • Construction of Sleeper Wall.JPG    
  • 20222-7738-20364-4587dd186a8ed2b355862ec3f0551af7    

Renovation and refurbishment of a late 19th Century cottage with 1970s and 1980s extensions.

Originally a late 19th Century cottage, the property had been increased in size in the 1970s and the 1980s with two ground floor extensions and a first floor dormer extension. Having recently taken on this property after the death of his mother, the cottage was formerly my client’s family home.

The brief called for a radical rethink of the internal layout and a rethink of the relationship of the cottage to its sizeable garden. So as to improve the look of the former extensions, my client wanted to change the external appearance of the property and he also wanted to vastly improve its energy efficiency. However, an important aspect of the brief was also to respect the considerable work that his parents had put into the property over their lifetime. Changing, altering, improving, but with utmost respect for what had gone before – this summarises my conceptual and/or ethical approach towards this project.

Rather than demolish any part of the existing property my approach was to integrate the ground floor extensions by joining them up via a black rendered wall, and this allowed for the creation of an intimate internal courtyard. The dormer was also reconfigured so as to make it appear more integral to the rest of the building and it was then clad in sweet chestnut cladding. The internal layout of the cottage was reconfigured and an important part of this was thinking about how the rooms could relate to the landscape in a much better way. A number of new gardens were created: a walled garden at the rear of the property, a gravelled terrace area with steps at the front and a ‘Dragon’ garden to the side: making reference to Welsh roots of the family.


  • Begun: Jan 2016
  • Completed: Aug 2017
  • Floor area: 190m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £223,000
  • Tender date: Mar 2015
  • Address: Sydney Cottage, Dunkirk Road South, Faversham, ME13 9PD, United Kingdom

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