Peabody Avenue

Haworth Tompkins, London, 2011


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Philip Vile (website)     Download Original

  • Site plan    
  • Landscape plan    
  • Typical floor plan    
  • Short section    
  • East elevation and section through archway    
  • East Avenue elevation    
  • Wchair final    
  • g+234 final    
  • Existing bay elevation    

Five storey, L-shaped residential block that provides a termination and focal point for the avenue

The block completes the southern end of the 200 meter long Peabody Avenue, which had been left incomplete after being damaged by war-time bombing.

The five-storey block contains 55 new flats and includes a southern gateway to the estate in the form of a wide, double height opening which provides a defined threshold while maintaining long views down the Avenue from this approach.

The qualities of the existing avenue are the reference point for the materials and details; masonry facades with warm, yellow stock bricks and paler details to match the existing walls. A simple attic storey, with light scoops to bring daylight into top-floor flats, reinforces the articulation of the existing roofscape.


  • Begun: Jul 2009
  • Completed: Mar 2011
  • Floor area: 5,100m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £8.2M
  • Procurement: JCT 2005 Design & Build
  • Address: Pimlico, London, SW1V 4AY, United Kingdom

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