Golden Lane Housing Estate

Chamberlin, Powell & Bon, London, 1957


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Site from south-west 

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  • Site from south-west    
  • View of south end of block A    
  • The estate from Golden lane, block C is on the right, the colonnaded pavement joins it to block F    
  • Elevation of 6-story maisonettes    
  • South elevation of typical maisonettes block E    
  • Kitchen with acess gallery. Block E    
  • Staircase in typical 3-story masionette, block E    
  • Community centre    
  • Sunken court , Community centre in foreground    
  • Cylindrical bastion parlty encircled by a ramp, containing four white poplars    
  • Roof terrace showing seat, plant box, pergola and canopy    
  • Interior of one of flats showing the sliding screen betweent the living space and bedroom    
  • North over the steeping stones across the pool    
  • St Paul    
  • Site Plan     
  • Community centre landscaping    
  • Community centre     
  • Section of roof terrace    
  • Exploded section block E,F    
  • Exploded section block G    
  • Technical section    

Council housing complex built to accommodate 1,400 people in an area destroyed by bombing in World War II

Laid out as a pedestrian precinct the seven acre site contains one to four room flats at a density of 200 p.p.a.

The nine blocks divide the site into a series of inter related courts with the main pedestrian circulation at ground level and the more secluded courts excavated to basement level.

The blocks contrast in size and character, family flats and maisonettes are contained in blocks with small two room flats placed in the central 16 storey block and the crescent block facing Goswell Road.

Great Arthur House, the 16 storey block provides vertical emphasis at the centre of the development and contains 120 flats on 15 floors with estate offices, hobby rooms and laundry rooms placed on the ground floor.

A community centre sits in a sunken court level containing a hall with a stage and changing facilities, library, club and games room.


  • Completed: 1957
  • Floor area: 28,000m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Address: Golden Lane, London, EC1 0RD, United Kingdom

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