Waverley Building, Refurbishment, Nottingham Trent University

Evans Vettori Architects Ltd, Nottingham, 2000


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The School of Art and Design bringing together the 1860s and 1950s surrounding buildings 

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  • The School of Art and Design bringing together the 1860s and 1950s surrounding buildings    
  • The Victorian building hides the new refurbishiment    
  • The interor of the glazed atrium space    
  • The interior of the light and airy new studio space    
  • The refurbished and restored interior    
  • The corridor entrance arches of the school, aproaching the stairs    
  • Site plan    
  • Basement floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Section A-A    
  • Section F-F    
  • Front elevation    
  • Sketch section    

Refurbishment and rearrangement of a Listed building to accommodate an exhibition space, disabled access and improve environments for staff and students

A transparent full-height glazed atrium has been placed between the original 1865 school and the 1951 extension. This space acts a linking core and contains a new student entrance, lift, stairs, and landing links between the different floors of the older buildings.

A glass screen facade, visible from the street is tucked between the two buildings. The stainless steel bracing to the screen is tied back to square hollow sections supported on precast concrete corbels.

Two rows of arches in the entrance corridor has been replaced to define the approach to the stairs at the front of the building. On the top floor an enormous studio and exhibition hall is illuminated by a pitched glass roof.

Landings are 100mm thick, made up of a tray of thick steel ribs, concrete and Granwood flooring. The entrance level flooring is in limestone. Walls have been drylined in plasterboard backed with plywood to give a practical hanging surface for artwork.


  • Completed: 2000
  • Floor area: 400m2
  • Sector: Education
  • Total cost: £1.4M
  • Funding: Evans Vettori Commission
  • Address: Nottingham Trent University , Burton Street, Nottingham, NG1 4BU, United Kingdom

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