Cotes Farm

Evans Vettori Architects Ltd, Lancashire, 2002


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View of large oriel window, cut into the existing barn, framing landscape views 

Peter Blundell Jones     Download Original

  • View of large oriel window, cut into the existing barn, framing landscape views    
  • View of locally sourced landscaping    
  • Exterior view of barn and glazed roof over the kitchen    
  • View of kitchen and bridge overhead    
  • View of dining space    
  • View of upper level    
  • View of approach to the house    
  • The floor of the living room is inbetween the kitchen and the upper level    
  • A view along the bridge and into the living room beyond    
  • The bedroom area ( to the left) connects to the living room via a link housing the kitchen    
  • Exterior view of barn    
  • Barn perches on hillside      
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Long section    
  • West elevation    
  • South elevation    
  • Detail Section A - at a verge    
  • Detailed Cross Section    
  • Part elevation/section at ridge    
  • Detail sketch at mansard verge    

Barn conversion in Lancashire to become outward looking, with the addition of a bedroom wing

The house grew out of an existing dilapidated barn, which perches on a exposed hillside in the west Pennines of Lancashire. The project replaces the existing farmhouse with a new wing of sleeping accomodation behind an undulating wall. This is joined to the living spaces in the converted barn by a glazed cooking/eating link, with a timber bridge.

The new wing is sculpted into the surrounding landscape and is designed to blend unobtrusively into the hillside. Its copper roof and walls of local stone reinforce this impression. A three-meter square glass bay window cantilevers from the gable end of the barn, providing views across the moors and allowing natural light into the barn.


  • Begun: Jun 2000
  • Completed: Dec 2002
  • Floor area: 389m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £449,834
  • Procurement: IFC 98
  • Address: Cotes Farm, Blackburn, Lancashire, United Kingdom

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