Halley VI Antarctic Research Station

Hugh Broughton Architects, Antarctica, 2012


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  • Location of Halley VI    
  • Plans    
  • Social module main plan    
  • Social module upper floor plan    
  • Bedroom module plan    
  • Science module section    
  • Social module section    
  • Bedroom module    
  • Plans    
  • Elevations    
  • Central module long section 1    
  • Central module long section 2    
  • Central module short sections    
  • Winter sleeping module long section 1    
  • Winter sleeping module long section 2    
  • Winter sleeping module short sections    
  • Science workshop module long section 1    
  • Science workshop module long section 2    
  • Science workshop module short sections    
  • Standard module orthographic    
  • Standard module end view    
  • Central module orthographic    
  • Energy module orthographic    
  • Standard module long section    
  • Sectional model of scientific module    
  • Longitudinal section through central social module    
  • Construction line    
  • Halley VI exterior visual    
  • Halley VI exterior night visual    
  • Central interior visual    
  • Central interior visual    
  • Central interior visual    
  • Corridor visual    
  • Science office visual    
  • Meeting area visual    
  • Bedroom visual    
  • Bedroom visual    
  • Completed steel frame    
  • Completed steel frame    
  • Completed steel frame    
  • Application of cladding    
  • Bedroom pod    
  • Relocating pods    
  • Completed module    
  • Completed module side view    
  • Completed module end view    
  • Bedroom and bathroom pod details    
  • Joinery items to module A    
  • Interior GRP details    
  • Exploded view of heavily insulated window module    
  • Window axonometric    
  • Wall axonometric    
  • Section of glass reinforced polymer wall    
  • Section of glass reinforced polymer wall    
  • Water production on site    

Mobile self-sufficient scientific research base located in Antarctica

Halley is the most southerly research station operated by the British Antarctic Survey and is located on the 150-metre thick floating Brunt Ice Shelf, which moves 400 metres per annum towards the sea.

The research centre contains eight connected modules - two for sleeping, science, and plant, one for offices and a larger double-height communal module that contains a bar, lounge, servery, TV lounge and meeting room.

The buildings are mounted on skis which means that over their life time they can be moved back inland as the ice shelf carries them towards the sea. In the short term, the skis are part of a system for lifting the station and removing the snow beneath.

The research centre is entirely self-supporting, providing its own power, water and waste disposal.


  • Begun: Nov 2007
  • Completed: Dec 2012
  • Floor area: 1,510m2
  • Sector: Office
  • Total cost: £25.9M
  • Funding: British Antarctic Survey
  • Procurement: NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) option C (target contract with activity schedule)
  • Address: Halley VI Antarctic Research Station, Antarctica, Antarctica

Professional Team