Haringey Glazed Extension

Satish Jassal Architects, London, 2021



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Retrofit and addition of a double-height glazed and oak-framed conservatory to the rear of a 19th Century Victorian townhouse located in Stroud Green’s conservation area, in the borough of Haringey

The existing building was in poor condition with damp and sloping floors. 80% of the existing building was stripped out, reconfigured, restored and replaced. The design seeks to keep the character of original 19th Century Victorian townhouse at the same time adds a modern extension to enhance its quality.

A bespoke double glazed glass to glass corner was developed, providing uninterrupted views of the sky. Three bespoke oak chandeliers with LED strips hang down into the dining space providing shading and illumination. A painted steel and oak staircase cantilevers over the kitchen, and the worktops become part of the staircase to save space. The extension enhances the higgledy-piggledy rear nature of this terrace in Haringey’s conservation area.

Environmental improvements such as improved airtightness, additional insulation, A-rated utilities, reduced water consumption to 105 litres per person per day, FSC certified European Oak, locally sourced materials, reuse of bricks and a 37% decrease of carbon emissions compared to the original home.

“This was the first time we had utilised an architect. We were really collaborative, and Satish worked well, combining our ideas into his design. Satish was great and answered all of our questions - and there were many. We had a difficult site, limited budget, and a hybrid build, with us as owners sourcing and supplying much of the fixtures and fittings - despite this, we are really happy with the renovated home. It's easy to live in and feels very spacious and combines the modern and historical elements well. We believe we have a home to be proud of.” Lisa Cann (client)

Annual CO2 emissions data (requested in kg/m2/year) was provided as follows: 14 KgCO2eg/m2


  • Begun: Jan 2020
  • Completed: Feb 2021
  • Floor area: 150m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £210,000
  • Funding: private
  • Tender date: Nov 2019
  • Procurement: JCT Intermediate (Traditional)
  • Address: Haringey, London, N4, United Kingdom

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