Trinity Works

HAT Projects, Colchester , 2019


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Trinity Works is our own self-developed building, which repurposes a 1970s church complex into studios – including our own office – a community makerspace, and a cafe

The design approach celebrates and extends the language of the original architecture – in a spirit of economy and sustainability, we kept as much original fabric as possible while reconfiguring the building to create flexibility for all three uses. Working with local fabricators and managing the construction works ourselves, we ensured that the retrofit could be achieved economically and on time.

In the café, a ribbed, curved timber wall surrounds the kitchen and WC creates enclosure without sharp corners and brings a special, distinctive character to the space. The rest of the furniture – all purpose made for us by local fabricators – is simple and plain: black tabletops on untreated mild steel table legs; a practical stainless steel counter top over scuff resistant black base; white shelves that hold leaflets from local venues, cookbooks, ceramics for sale by Makerspace artists, flowers and plants.

A coat of white paint brightened the buff brickwork of the atrium – a space shared by all three users - and created a bright heart to the building while keeping the brick texture – combined with white painted timber framed glazed screens, with wired fire resistant glass this creates a plain, light, studio aesthetic. We added extra insulation and new heating to improve the building performance.

The Makerspace required virtually no alteration – only practical batten lighting and plenty of power outlets for equipment. The Makerspace team themselves adapted, recycled and made their own work benches, shelving and other fittings – exactly as it should be. We are very glad to have created a space where creative practitioners naturally congregate alongside families attending classes at the Makerspace, students and the town’s community at large.

Photographs by Andy Matthews, Ivan Jones, Jim Stephenson


  • Begun: Mar 2018
  • Completed: Sep 2019
  • Floor area: 366m2
  • Sector: Office
  • Total cost: £130,000
  • Funding: Self-funded
  • Procurement: Contract managed by ourselves
  • Address: 24 Trinity Street, Colchester , CO1 1JN, United Kingdom

Professional Team