Grillagh Water Architects Studio

Patrick Bradley Architects, Derry, 2019



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An architect’s studio cantilevering over the banks of the ‘Grillagh River’ known to locals as Pixies Paradise

Architect Patrick Bradley has designed this 40ft shipping container studio to compliment his renowned nearby Grand Designs Grillagh Water House, whilst also making its own stand-alone bold architectural statement.

On approach to the studio you travel on a gravel laneway with dry stone walling to both side which separates the site boundary and the surrounding agricultural fields. The architectural language creates a contemporary blend of Irish vernacular architecture using traditional corrugated tin, with a modern twist of gold powder coat. This assists in blending the office into the surrounding vegetation and landscape.

On entering it is clear why the two book ends of the container have been replaced with large picture windows providing a linear through view from one end of the container to the other, ensuring the studio feels as large and airy as possible whilst taking full advantage of the sites outstanding views to the surrounding landscape, mountains beyond, historic Drumlamph woodland and nearby Grillagh River.

Ventilation windows are on the northern elevation for function and prevention of screen glare. These are also flush with the corrugated cladding when closed avoiding any reveals and provide the reflection of the sky. The dramatic overhang is due to site restriction and therefore the design evolved ensuring maximum potential for the studio. The rugged external materials of the studio are met with a polished interior entirely clad in birch ply and resin concrete floor.

The overall aesthetic which could only be considered a piece of art or sculpture nestles beautifully into the rural landscape and with this very modest size studio of just 26sqm. provides everything that’s required to have a perfect environment for the architect’s studio.

Photography by Bruno Tamiozzo


  • Begun: Dec 2018
  • Completed: Apr 2019
  • Floor area: 26m2
  • Sector: Office
  • Total cost: £37,250
  • Funding: Private
  • Address: 30 Gortinure Road, Derry, BT46, United Kingdom

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