Godson Street

Edgley Design, London, 2016


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A zinc-clad sculptural form folds out from the concrete below 

Jack Hobhouse     Download Original

  • A  zinc-clad sculptural form folds out from the concrete below    
  • The project has transformed not just the site but also the forgotten back street it inhabits    
  • Zinc cladding    
  • The cavity dividing walls provide natural support to the timber floors     
  • Valchromat cabinets in the kitchen    
  • The raw steel staircase    
  • Polished concrete floors    
  • Wooden panelling    
  • Living spaces are upstairs    
  • The residential space offers ample scope for working    
  • View of workspace    
  • Basement floor plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Second floor plan    
  • Section AA    
  • Elevation and section through street-facing facade    

A mixed-use building in London that is a modern reworking of a Georgian terrace.

The development features a single house alongside five mixed-use plots, which follow the common typology of commercial unit below and apartment above. The design is effectively a modern reworking of a Georgian terrace. At the front a retaining wall was kept and new dividing walls added to act as buttresses and form courtyards and lightwells providing light into the lower commercial levels. Above, the living spaces are articulated within the zinc-clad sculptural form that folds out from the concrete below.

The commercial units are pared back with raw finishes on show, while in the residential apartments, bespoke detailing and timber joinery features create crafted spaces, from the raw steel staircase in the house to the birch plywood and Valchromat cabinets in the apartment’s kitchen and living rooms.

All the living spaces, including the house, feature an upside-down arrangement, with bedrooms on the lower floors and living spaces above.

The building is dynamic at the upper levels, with private views carved out from the solid forms of the residential units. In contrast, at the lower levels glazed infills to the supporting concrete podiums create an open and friendly relationship to the street.


  • Begun: Jul 2014
  • Completed: Feb 2016
  • Floor area: 850m2
  • Sectors: Residential, Office
  • Total cost: £1.9M
  • Procurement: JCT Intermediate Contract with Contractors Design 2011 (ICD 2011)
  • Address: Godson Street, London, N1 9GZ, United Kingdom


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