Kings Gate and the Zig Zag Building

Lynch Architects, London, 2015


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The new development steps up along its length towards the pre-existing offices of Westminster City Council 

David Grandorge     Download Original

  • The new development steps up along its length towards the pre-existing offices of Westminster City Council    
  • The Zig Zag Building is shaded by projecting aluminium fins    
  • The spacing of the fins on the principal elevation of Kingsgate House expands up the height of the building      
  • The Zig Zag Building    
  • Projecting bays on Kingsgate House    
  • Interior of the Zig Zag Building    
  • Designer Timothy Beasties has ornamented a column by the apartment block entrance    
  • Rut Blees Luxembourg    
  • The Zig Zag Building    
  • Interior of the Zig Zag Building    
  • Kings Gate level 00 plan    
  • Zig Zag and Kings Gate level 00 plan    
  • Zig Zag level 1 plan    
  • Zig Zag level 2 plan    
  • Zig Zag level 3 plan    
  • Zig Zag level 4 plan    
  • Zig Zag level 5 plan    
  • Zig Zag level 6 plan    
  • Zig Zag level 7 plan    
  • Zig Zag level 8 plan    
  • Zig Zag level 9 plan    
  • Zig Zag level 10 plan    
  • Zig Zag level 11 plan    
  • Zig Zag level 12 plan    
  • Kings Gate level 13    
  • Kings Gate level 14    
  • Zig Zag section AA    
  • Kings Gate section BB    
  • Zig Zag section EE    
  • Zig Zag south elevation    
  • Zig Zag east elevation 1    
  • Zig Zag east elevation 2    
  • Zig Zag north elevation    
  • Zig Zag west elevation    
  • Zig Zag west elevation 2    
  • Aerial site photo    
  • Model of facade detail    
  • Model photo of previous Kings Gate House    
  • Model viewed from west    
  • Urban design concept drawing    
  • North facade drawing    
  • FIn detail drawing    
  • Sketch of Zig Zag Building    
  • Topping-out drawing    
  • Kings Gate level 13 and 14 facade exploded isometric    
  • Kings Gate level 13 and 14 facade isometric    
  • Kings Gate West Building – office curtainwall with fins    

This office and residential development replaces one of three adjacent buildings on the north side of Victoria Street, London. It is divided into two standalone parts. The larger is an office block.

Two buildings are linked by a shared basement and comprise 12 storeys of office accommodation (to BREEAM Excellent); 100 residential units over 13 floors (to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4); flexible A1 & A3 retail over three floors; a 132MVa substation; two public spaces with public seating and art work with possible connectivity to a future park at the rear; and basement parking for 156 cars.

The primary means of facade articulation is a projecting bronze anodised aluminium fin, sited at 1.5m centres on the lowest storey and bunched increasingly tightly on successive floors. As these rise, they also reduce in depth, ensuring that the level of overshadowing offered to the curtain glazing remains constant. On the residential block, the gesture is inverted. Here, the balconies by which the larger apartments address the street are screened by a field of diminutive pillars in Jura limestone. Closely spaced at the lower level, where privacy is a pressing consideration, they fan out as they rise.

Within the Zig Zag Building’s superstructure, high-quality, in-situ exposed concrete slabs were designed, including cooling coils within the flat slabs. A challenge was convincing all parties that the cooling coils could be incorporated and not clash with the PT tendons/rebar while maintaining a flat slab. This required fully designing the rebar and using physical models to prove there was ample room for all elements.


  • Begun: Sep 2012
  • Completed: Nov 2015
  • Sectors: Office, Residential
  • Procurement: Design and Build
  • Address: 70 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6SQ, United Kingdom

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