Bruton Narrow House

Prewett Bizley, Bruton, 2016


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Bruton Narrow House - snug 

Graham Bizley (website)     Download Original

  • Bruton Narrow House - snug    
  • Bruton Narrow House - North elevation showing reconstructed rear portion of house and brick terraces    
  • Bruton Narrow House - snug looking towards dining room    
  • Bruton Narrow House - Dining room with new brass lights and brick vaults    
  • Bruton Narrow House - Dining room with new brass lights and brick vaults looking towards snug    
  • Bruton Narrow House - New brass lights below brick vaults in dining room designed by Graham Bizley    
  • Bruton Narrow House - view into snug from dining room    
  • Bruton Narrow House - Birch plywood coat cupboard in brickwork niche    
  • Bruton Narrow House - View from snug out to garden    
  • Bruton Narrow House - new brick terraces, steps & garden beyond     
  • Bruton Narrow House - Rebuilt rear portion of house and terraces in the context of surrounding buildings    
  • Bruton Narrow House - Ground Floor Plan    
  • Bruton Narrow House - Concept sketch showing terraces    
  • Bruton Narrow House - Section AA    
  • Bruton Narrow House - Section BB    
  • Bruton Narrow House - Sketch showing brick terraces as built    
  • Bruton Narrow House - Detail Section DD    

Extension and external landscaping of a Grade II-listed house to improve its connection to its garden

The Somerset town of Bruton is characterised by long, narrow plots that form a dense and varied frontage to the High Street. At the other end the plots open on to the Backways, two routes running parallel to the High Street with a less formal collection of coach houses, garages and garden walls.

The Grade II-listed Narrow House is 25m long but only 3.5m wide at its widest point, and consists of at least four different phases of development, from Georgian at the High Street end to early 20th Century at the rear. The site slopes upwards by 4m from the High Street towards the Backway, so there was no view from the kitchen, dining and living rooms on the ground floor to the garden.

Prewett Bizley was asked to look at how the ground floor rooms could be better connected to the garden and how more light could be brought into the centre of the house. A new single-pane roof light has been installed over a small courtyard in the middle of the house to bring light into the kitchen. The architect gained listed building consent to demolish a section of the building at the rear and rebuild it with a bedroom and shower room on the 1st floor and a new living area at ground floor. Clad in zinc, the new piece of the building sits between two existing stone party walls.

The whole site is treated as a cascade of terraces that rise through the house and out into the garden. The ground levels have been reduced at the rear and a series of brick-paved steps and patios constructed to make a more gradual transition from the house to the garden. Full-width folding-sliding doors allow the living area to open up to an enlarged patio and the brick pavers flow inside, blurring the threshold to the outside. Rather than emphasising a distinction between old and new elements, the interior is treated as a collage of materials and textures, bespoke joinery and lighting to create an atmospheric sequence of light and flowing spaces. Suspended brass light fittings have been designed specifically for the brick vaulted dining room.


  • Begun: Aug 2015
  • Completed: Jul 2016
  • Floor area: 53m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £155,000
  • Tender date: May 2015
  • Procurement: JCT Home owner Contract
  • Address: 27 High Street , Bruton, BA10 0AE, United Kingdom

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