Wadham Road

naganJohnson Architects, London, 2015


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  • Bedroom    
  • Bedroom    
  • Shower    
  • Reception    
  • Reception    
  • Kitchen    
  • Study    
  • Terrace    
  • Front & Rear Elevation    
  • Long Section    

A two-storey, one bedroom house built on the site of a domestic garage.

The south-west London site was originally a 3 metre wide single storey garage wedged between two houses and, to the rear, a garden wall. The brief was to provide a house for a single client to stay in when he visited London.

The handling of natural light was important, and it was decided to use the ground floor for sleeping with light coming from a small front window and at the rear from a skylight above the shower. The glass front to the shower acts like a mirror to give the illusion of length to the bedroom.

A galley kitchen with just enough appliances was placed against the staircase which gives access to a small office space overlooking a roof terrace. There is only enough room for two to eat which I guess was the point.

The facades are clad in dark zinc in the attempt to visually set the building back from its neighbours.


  • Completed: Jan 2015
  • Floor area: 81m2
  • Total cost: £215,000
  • Procurement: jct intermediate
  • Address: 65A Wadham Road , Putney, London, SW15 2LS, United Kingdom

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