Split Level Apartment

Carl Trenfield Architects, London, 2014


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  • Initial General Arrangement Plans    
  • General Arrangement Plans    
  • Stair Elevation    
  • Stair Section    
  • Axonometric Demonstrating Ply Datum Insertion    
  • 1:10 Developmental Model    
  • Developmental Stair Model    
  • Design Sketches    
  • 1:1 Stair Model Investigating Copper Rod Spacing    
  • Preliminary Perspective Section    
  • Motif Investigations    
  • Photograph demonstrating the found condition of the stair and main living area as found    
  • Example of CTA drawn cnc fabrication drawings    

Significant renovation and remodelling of a split level Victorian apartment, anchored by a new timber stair

The architect was appointed by a dual city living couple for the significant renovation and remodelling of this split level Victorian apartment in East London.

Early investigations demonstrated that the home had been stripped of many of its original features, suffering greatly in terms of circulation and quality of natural light to the lower level; rendering the sleeping spaces both visually cold and unwelcoming.

The approach sought to introduce a new datum, that effectively wraps the upper floor, hosts built in furniture and continues to form the new stair, terminating at the lower ground level.

This datum, or ribbon of sorts, acts as a reinterpretation and reinstatement of the traditional dado rail and panel - often found in such properties; offering protection to the walls whilst also providing enhanced character, storage and a place to display the client’s cherished items.

Previous experience on the delivery of civic architecture prompted an eagerness to condense and utilise key features for maximum effect; most notably the completely revised stair, which has been arranged to provide increased drama through the exploitation of volume as you arrive into the main living area.

Characteristic of the studio’s approach, the project displays the conscious exploration of the notion of craft; be it direct as a result of the hand, or abstracted through our increasing willingness to draw for fabrication - allowing us the potential for greater expression at varying scales.

The architects drew the double thickness stair entirely and assembled it with a trusted joiner, complimenting further bespoke loose and fitted furniture; a hybridised approach - part CNC, part laser and part hand-turned.


  • Begun: Jul 2013
  • Completed: Jul 2014
  • Floor area: 72m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £40,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Address: Hermon Hill, Snaresbrook, London, E11 1PB, United Kingdom

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