Barrowland Park and Album Pathway

LOCI Design, Glasgow, 2014


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  • Glasgow Barrowlands Park    
  • Glasgow Barrowlands Park    
  • Glasgow Barrowlands Park    
  • Glasgow Barrowlands Park    
  • Barrowland Park before shot    
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A new temporary open space and major public artwork for Glasgow city centre

This new temporary park has transformed a derelict site in the heart of Glasgow city centre.

The site was one of the council’s ‘stalled spaces’, awaiting development and offering space for temporary use.

Here the site was transformed in collaboration with 2005 Turner Prize-shortlisted Jim Lambie.

The site's sunken formation was emphasised through the introduction of terraced timber steps which double as informal south-facing seating.

The design also includes a 100m 'album pathway' which lists the names and dates of the thousands of bands and musicians who played at the nearby Glasgow Barrowlands venue since 1983.

Existing trees were retained throughout the site and a grid pattern of white-stemmed silver birches was added to contrast with the boldness of the pathway.


  • Begun: Feb 2014
  • Completed: Jun 2014
  • Sector: Public realm
  • Total cost: £558,000
  • Funding: Glasgow City Council Development & Regeneration Services via the Calton Barras Action Plan, Glasgow Life and VELOCITY
  • Address: Barrowlands Park, Gallowgate, Glasgow, G1 5BG, United Kingdom