Cumbernauld Town Centre

Dudley Leaker , Glasgow, 1967


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Eastern end of the penthouse spine 

Hugh de Burgh Galwey     Download Original

  • Eastern end of the penthouse spine    
  • South east corner showing penthouse flats over offices    
  • South west corner of the two story offices    
  • High level bridge from penthouse to the ballroom    
  • Supermarket showing canopy overhead    
  • Ramp giving access to the supermarket    
  • View from the east towards the office block    
  • Water tower on supermarket roof    
  • Sculpture by Robert McIntyre alongside the pedestrian mall    
  • View from a pedestrian way showing the heaped tiers of concrete in the design    
  • Access ramp partially covered    
  • Car park showing concrete ceiling and supporting pillars    
  • Internal balcony access    
  • View down shop fronts from walkway    
  • Site plan    
  • Site plan showing access    
  • Ground level plan    
  • First level plan    
  • Second level plan    
  • Third level plan    
  • Fourth level plan    
  • Section from north to south    
  • Model from the west showing stage one and two    

Designed as the centre-point both geographically and socially in the new town of Cumbernauld, the town centre houses almost everything the inhabitants need, including shops, banks, a sports centre and some accommodation

Cumbernauld is an example of a modernist utopian town, reflected in this town centre. The development is widely considered to be the UK's first shopping mall.

The use of board-marked concrete is prominent while the entire structure is raised from the ground using columns giving it physical significance within the town.

The building was originally meant to be constructed over three stages, but construction was halted after just one. This meant that some staircases that were meant to ascend to parts of the building planned for later construction instead led to nowhere.

A revised expansion was eventually implemented in 2004, ending a forty year wait for the second stage of construction.


  • Begun: 1955
  • Completed: 1967
  • Floor area: 15,000m2
  • Sectors: Public realm, Retail
  • Total cost: £2M
  • Tender date: 1955
  • Address: Town Centre, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, G67 1NB, United Kingdom

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