Wakefield One

Cartwright Pickard, Wakefield, 2012


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  • Lower ground floor plan    
  • Upper ground floor plan    
  • Fourth floor plan    
  • Section B-B    
  • Section C-C    
  • South west elevation    
  • North west elevation    

BREEAM Excellent council offices with a mix of facilities including museum, café, library and the district council’s One-Stop-Shop

Part of a major regeneration project to develop 17 acres of vacant land between the railway station and the city centre, the civic offices are situated next to the Grade I listed County Hall.

Externally the building references the context and scale of the neighbouring listed building, with the proportions of the windows and the extent of glazing adjusted to maximise natural light within the building while avoiding excessive solar gain. The colours selected for the cladding to the window reveals came from those used in the stained glass windows at County Hall.

Two-storey openings, that act as wayfinders, mark the main entrances to the building and lead to the central atrium around which the public facilities and workspaces are arranged.

This atrium plays a key part in the environmental strategy. Warm air is drawn out of office spaces into the atrium, and pulled upwards by a natural ‘stack effect’ and released at a high level - this in turn pulls fresh air into the office spaces.


  • Completed: 2012
  • Floor area: 14,777m2
  • Sectors: Office, Civic
  • Total cost: £15M
  • Procurement: Design & build, novated to contractor
  • Address: Burton Street , Wakefield, WF1 2HQ, United Kingdom

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