Ropemaker Place

Arup Associates, London, 2009


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Night view 

Edmund Sumner (website)     Download Original

  • Night view    
  • Angled windows reflect direct sunlight    
  • Internal timber cladding    
  • Lighting    
  • Site plan    
  • Plans    
  • Plans    
  • Plan level 3    
  • Plan level 6    
  • Plan level 8    
  • Plan level 11    
  • Plan level 16    
  • Plan level 20    
  • Facade study    
  • Facade study    
  • Section    
  • Interlocking elements sketch    
  • building form and massing sketch    
  • Concept sketch    
  • Concept diagrams    
  • working detail: Facade    
  • Working detail: Facade    
  • Working detail: Ceiling    
  • Facade concept sketch    
  • Lighting sketch    

20-storey speculative office development for British Land in the City of London

A series of interlocking cubes that respond to the site context, Arup Associates' Ropemaker Place steps down from twenty storeys to six storeys on the north side, a requirement of the city planning authority.

Service spaces are limited to the basement and upper roof, liberating other roof spaces to provide outdoor terraced gardens designed by Townshend Landscape Architects.

Solar gain is reduced by the use of projecting windows which tilt away from the sun on the east, west and south facades and by the use of opaque panels which comprise more than half of the façade.

These passive energy saving solutions are complemented by a wood-pellet biomass boiler, solar thermal and photovoltaic panels. These are estimated to provide between 12 and 15% of the building’s energy demand.

Ropemaker Place has been rated BREEAM Excellent with a 72.7 percent score, and was pre-certified LEED Platinum (Shell and Core).


  • Begun: Oct 2006
  • Completed: Apr 2009
  • Floor area: 83,600m2
  • Sector: Office
  • Total cost: £155M
  • Procurement: Bespoke Construction Management
  • CO2 Emissions: 24kg/m2/year
  • Address: Ropemaker Place, London, EC2, United Kingdom

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