Lloyd's Building

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, London, 1986


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Services and external staircases are exposed on the exterior of the building 

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  • Services and external staircases are exposed on the exterior of the building    
  • The buildings forms depend on the specfic uses    
  • Towering above the existing City fabric    
  • South facade towering above the old City    
  • Lloyd    
  • Towering above the existing city fabric    
  • The bulk of the building consisting of concrete columns, glazed wall & ventilation ducts    
  • Service ducts and external escape stairs    
  • The elaborate exposed steel atrium structure    
  • Lloyds main entrance strching out into the street    
  • View from Leadenhall Market    
  • The central atrium illuminated by the glass vault above    
  • Lloyd    
  • The square grid of the floor structure creates a kaleidoscopic effect    
  • Escalator half landings punctuate the office environment    
  • Contrasting elements; black ceilings, obscured glass walls and blue carpet     
  • Internal view of the Captain    
  • View from street level showing circuation starecase and facade    
  • Toilet modules on each floor    
  • Side view of service pods    
  • Typical bay cladding    
  • External view showing one lift mechanism    
  • Lift cars are simple glass cubes    
  • Glass wall climber lifts    
  • Lobby space within the service towers    
  • Atrium showing clear glass at high levels    
  • View of the full height of the atrium    
  • Final stages of service installation    
  • Internal view of office floor    
  • Interior of pre-fabricated toilet module    
  • Interior view of wall cladding    
  • Cladding consists of a series of infill panels    
  • Mullions head detail accomodating tolerance    
  • Detail of completed sill    
  • Precast concrete column    
  • Threaded tube for level adjustment    
  • Lower ground floor plan    
  • Galleries 3 to 6 floor plan    
  • Gallery 11 plan    
  • Room level plan    
  • Part plan of typical office floor    
  • Plant room showing expansion needed for computing    
  • Cross section through atrium    
  • Typical section    
  • North elevation    
  • Leadenhall Street elevation    
  • Elevation of service tower    
  • Axometric of lowest level    
  • Axometric of lower ground floor    
  • Axometric of steel structure    
  • Isometric view of corner bay structure    
  • Cut away perspective showing plumbing ventilation and frame    
  • Early proposal model showing equipment installed within the structural frames    
  • Diagram of extract system    
  • Typical office floor air flow diagram    
  • Section though office floor    
  • Arrangement diagrams of the towers structural frames    
  • View showing basic structural unit a beam grid under construction    
  • Corner bay under construction    
  • Detail of escape stair    
  • Staircase detail showing suspended landing floors and three layer cladding    
  • Section through a box showing the     
  • Free-standing communication tower    

High-rise 14-storey office block that is home to the insurance institution Lloyd's of London

The building consists of three main towers and three service towers around a central, rectangular space. The internal spaces are uncluttered as services, staircases, lifts, electrical power conduits and water pipes are placed on the exterior. Modular in plan, each floor can be altered with the addition or removal of partitions and walls.

The buildings' focal point is the large ground floor Underwriting Room (often simply known as 'the Room'). The room is overlooked by galleries, forming a 60 metre high atrium lit naturally through a huge barrel-vaulted glass roof.

The first four galleries open onto the atrium space, and are connected by escalators through the middle of the structure. The higher floors are glassed-in, and can only be reached via the outside lifts.

The 11th floor houses the Committee Room, an 18th century dining-room designed by Robert Adam, which was transferred piece-by-piece from the previous Lloyd's building.


  • Begun: Jun 1981
  • Completed: Nov 1986
  • Floor area: 55,000m2
  • Sector: Office
  • Total cost: £75M
  • Funding: Private
  • Address: 1 Lime Street, London, EC3M 7HA , United Kingdom

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