Lloyd's Bank

Arup Associates, Bristol, 1991


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  • View along the main galleria at second floor level    
  • View from the rotunda across the amphitheatre towards the river    
  • Ground floor circulation and meeting area    
  • Inside the main entrance hall in the link building    
  • Security barriar between the reception area and the main building    
  • View along the axis of the building    
  • Open plan office    
  • Location plan    
  • Site plan    
  • Basement plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Second floor plan    
  • Diagramatic section through office showing services rationale    
  • Section A-A    
  • Existing site    
  • Existing site    
  • Typical cross section through external wall    
  • Cutaway isometric at top of external wall    

Crescent shaped three-storey headquarters for Lloyd's Bank, framing a public amphitheater alongside the harbour at Canons Marsh

The headquarters is built on the site of several demolished bonded warehouses as part of the plan to develop Bristol's harbourside. The three-storey development has been carefully designed to frame a series of views of the cathedral and the harbour.

The block forms a curved backdrop for a new public space, an amphitheater centred on a listed dockside crane, to be used for festivals and outdoor fairs.

The office has an applied abstract classical facade. A rusticated stone base is surmounted by a row of paired columns sharing a single capital, supporting a deep cornice of open steel and timber framework.

The building provides workspaces for some 1,400 staff, as well as computer rooms, an entrance hall, a restaurant and underground car parking. Externally the scheme also includes extensive terraces and paved public amenity areas with landscaped parking.


  • Completed: 1991
  • Floor area: 12,000m2
  • Sector: Office
  • Address: Lloyds TSB, Bristol, BS1 5LL, United Kingdom

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