Hallfield Estate

Tecton Group, London, 1955


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Block A north facade 

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  • Block A north facade    
  • Trinity church view    
  • General view into courtyard    
  • High level view from a 10-storey block    
  • Block B west facade    
  • Ground level view    
  • View between block A and block B    
  • Block A and B perspective view    
  • Block A south facade perspective     
  • Block A south facade    
  • Block A south facade    
  • Block A access-balcony facade    
  • Block A corner    
  • Block A north facade staircase    
  • Block B west facade    
  • Block B east facade    
  • Block B east facade close view    
  • Block B east facade    
  • Block B west facade close view    
  • Block precast concrete cladding view    
  • Fluted concrete column    
  • Junior classroom block    
  • Exterior view laundry    
  • Interior view of laundry    
  • Kitchen    
  • Living room interior view    
  • Room interior view    
  • Site plan    
  • Site plan of laundry    
  • Block A ground floor plan    
  • Block A ninth floor plan    
  • Block A section A-A    
  • Block A upper floor plan    
  • Block B ground floor plan    
  • Block B upper floor plan    
  • Block B section B-B    
  • Construction    
  • Aerial view    
  • Sketch plan of Paddington borough    
  • Sketch site plan showing grid layout    
  • Diagram of basic 10-storey block construction    
  • Model and diagram of heating system    
  • Block A section through top access balcony     
  • Block A section through south wall    
  • Block B section through access gallery    
  • Block B section through rear facade    

Central London housing scheme containing 14 residential blocks laid out on a grid across a 7ha site

Six identical 10-storey blocks are set on an east west axis. Cantilevered reinforced concrete balustraded balconies that provide access for each floor run the length of the north-facing facade.

The balustrading is broken three times in each gallery by 'accents' ( gallery widening points) highlighted by black railings on each side that contribute to the overall effect of a “floating screen” within a cream-tiled surround which is cut away at ninth floor level where the centre flats are set back.

Behind the centre 'accent' are lifts and a staircase. First floor access is given by staircases, supported on a rectangular Staffordshire blue brick pier, at each end of the north façade.

On alternate floors of the south façade, intermediary mullions couple the floor-to-ceiling windows. These mullions act as protective cappings to the end of structural cross-walls supported by fluted concrete columns at each corner.

Eight six-storey blocks are set at right angles to the 10-story blocks. Access
 to these is provided through the recessed façade at ground floor level via a central lift and open staircases located at each end of the floor.

Staggered windows and private balconies on alternate floors, with a curved front on plan, pattern the east façade. The west façade, that incorporates the access balconies, is clad with precast brick panels in a honeycomb pattern.


  • Begun: Dec 1949
  • Completed: Dec 1955
  • Floor area: 59,000m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Tender date: 1947
  • Procurement: RIBA form for Local Authorities with quantities
  • Address: Bhisop's Bridge Road, London, W2 6HF, United Kingdom

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