Alexandra Road

Camden Council Architects Department, London, 1978


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Predestrian street between blocks A and B 

Martin Charles     Download Original

  • Predestrian street between blocks A and B    
  • Block A    
  • Northeast end of scheme    
  • Rear block B    
  • Block B    
  • Block B on left and Block C on the right    
  • Block C pedistrian street    
  • Rear Block A    
  • Block C housing    
  • Classrooms of special needs school     
  • Vehicle entrance    
  • Pedistrian access to underground carpark    
  • Staircase to undrground parking    
  • Carpark    
  • View of Community Centre from the gardens    
  • Community centre from the south    
  • Interior of Community Centre    
  • Entrance to the school    
  • Interior hallway    
  • Interior of block A    
  • Interior of block A    
  • Interior staircase in block A    
  • Interior window in block A    
  • Site plan    
  • Plan upper level community centre and roof plan of school    
  • Plan lower level boiler house and school    
  • Sections    
  • Unit plans    
  • Cross section block A and B    
  • Section through community centre block A    
  • Unit axonometric    
  • Block B & C axonometric    
  • Block B & C unit plans    

Public housing comprising two parallel pedestrian streets of terraced houses, of four and six storeys, which have a central park between them, a school for 100 mentally handicapped children; community centre, youth club, play centre, and two shops

The overall design of the project gives the impression of formal control: parapets, walls, hierarchy of levels are uniform, and the exterior walls are of a neutral white colour. Every aspect of the design is mirrored or repeated elsewhere on the site, creating a common culture between public and private properties.

520 dwellings for 1,660 persons back onto a railway track and contains anti-vibration sound insulation set within double glazing.

The houses are set back providing balconies, and the upper galleries are accessed by external staircases. Lifts with glazed panels link the gallery with pedestrian streets. The community centre has separate terraced gardens, and next to these, a small square adjoins the shops to the scheme.


  • Begun: 1972
  • Completed: 1978
  • Sectors: Education, Residential, Civic
  • Tender date: Apr 1969
  • Address: Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London, NW8 0SR, United Kingdom

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