Garden Gallery

Doma Architects, Harrogate, 2020


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  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-courtyard    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-dining_1    
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  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-roofscape    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-studio_interior    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-studio    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-view_to_rear    
  • 10 Doma Architects-garden gallery-proposed sections sheet 3    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_01_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-existing_plans    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_02_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-existing_elevations    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_03_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-initial_sketch    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_04_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-proposed_plans    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_05_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-proposed_elevations_sheet_1    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_06_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-proposed_elevations_sheet_2    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_07_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-3D_massing    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_08_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-proposed_sections_sheet_1    
  • 82DRUKSUQSFBJ64_09_Doma_Architects-garden_gallery-proposed_sections_sheet_2    

A house extension for artists Alex and Mary who each wanted their own studio as well as gallery space.

Alex’s studio is for sculptures and carvings using wood and found materials; Mary’s for textile design and weaving. They open their house once a year as an art gallery, so a gallery space was also important.

The existing property is a 1930s semi-detached house, with Alex’s studio in the first floor box room and workshop in the garage at the end of the garden. Mary planned to return to art in early retirement and invest in a new loom to revisit her passion for weaving.

The proposal connects Mary’s weaving studio in the former dining room of the main house to Alex’s sculpture studio in the garden via a light filled gallery link. Alex maintains access to his workshop at the rear of their garden. A small extension to the kitchen houses the new dining room.

All of the new spaces are focused around a new landscaped courtyard, providing visual focus and connection between the two studios. The use of chamfered forms offers delight and interest, while bringing light deep into the plan of the existing house. Together with the materiality of the exterior, they also provide a subtle reference to Alex’s artwork which is inspired by marine folk art.

Open boarded timber cladding in dark and pale grey wrap the forms to give the impression of a piece of woven sculpture.

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  • Begun: Mar 2019
  • Completed: Aug 2020
  • Floor area: 43m2
  • Sectors: Arts and culture, Residential
  • Total cost: £160,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Nov 2018
  • Procurement: JCT minor works
  • Address: Harrogate, HG2, United Kingdom

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