DO-Architecture, Glasgow, 2018


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  • 06_sprigg_-_working_detail    

A retail project in Glasgow.

Tom McDermott approached DO in March 2018 with an idea for a startup business, intending to deliver healthy salad-based food and good coffee to the people of Glasgow from an unoccupied compact space in the Merchant City.

At less than 30 sqm the challenge was to create a space that was dynamic and utilitarian, and where the key architectural move was to celebrate the richness and colour of food as a focal point in the space.

The resulting space is deliberately muted in form and colour, combining Marley Equitone cement based panels around the walls with a concrete floor and ceiling.

The perimeter materials form a backdrop to the sculpted ceramic counter which is formed using D-Tile, the counter homogeneously changes direction and height as it moves through the space and places the focus onto the food which is the primary reason for being there.

The honest utilitarian space, good food and coffee have ensured that this very compact space is very frequently queued out the door.


  • Begun: Jun 2018
  • Completed: Aug 2018
  • Floor area: 28m2
  • Sector: Retail
  • Total cost: £52,336
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: May 2018
  • Procurement: Minor Works Building Contract With Contractors's Design For Use In Scotland 2016
  • Address: 241 Ingram St, Glasgow, G1 1DA, United Kingdom

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