Early Learning Village

Bogle Architects, Singapore, 2017


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The village has the capacity for 2,100 children 

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  • The village has the capacity for 2,100 children    
  • The design was developed in the architect    
  • An ETFE roof spans the outside play spaces    
  • The external environments are covered by ETFE canopies (both a parasol and umbrella) which have a UV protection filter of 84 per cent on the outer skin layer closest to the sun    
  • The tropical greenery    
  • The building features terraced patios    
  • Play areas are shaded    
  • The swimming pool    
  • A circular window in one of the classrooms    
  • Site plan    
  • Level 2 plan    
  • Level 5 plan    
  • Exploded axonometric detail section    
  • Section AA    
  • Facade detail section    

The Early Learning Village consolidates the pre-school and kindergarten facilities of two schools into a single mid-rise super-block that houses 2,100 children.

From the exterior, the village looks like a hybrid of existing mid-rise types – stepped bars, terraced patios, translucent awnings and tropical greenery.

Lower floors are organised into a network of corridors and large rooms for flexible programming. As one moves upward and into the towers, the building becomes more porous, incorporating large windows that provide deep views among the learning spaces.

Neighbouring classrooms share a common exterior space, which is open to air and allows for sand and water play for younger students. In a bid to minimise the loss of conditioned air from the interior, both adult- and child-size doors have been installed.

Methods of modular construction were investigated but, as they were untested in Singapore, we reverted to a traditional concrete frame with cantilevered balconies. GRC rainscreens form the façades, with alternating window heights (for small children) while the external balconies have full-height glass balustrades. The weather-protecting canopies are steel-framed trees with ETFE infill panels.

The innovative use of elevated external play space becomes an inherent feature of the architecture with the stacked ‘clusters’ and projecting canopies creating a playful environment that breaks the overall scale.

To ensure indoor air quality, the MEP team delivered a displacement air solution: tempered air delivered to the spaces at low level via furniture, wall and floor integrated systems. This ensures that fresh, filtered air only passes through the occupied zone once before being taken to the main plant for energy recovery.


  • Completed: Jul 2017
  • Floor area: 36,036m2
  • Sector: Education
  • Procurement: Traditional
  • Address: 3 Chuan Lane, Singapore, 554350, Singapore

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