Richmond School

Denis Clarke Hall, North Yorkshire , 1940


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The main entrance on the south-west side 

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  • The main entrance on the south-west side    
  • The north-east facade    
  • The double height administration block and assembly hall    
  • Looking across the playground towards the gym and changing rooms    
  • The south east facing classroom    
  • The caretaker    
  • Interior of the entrance hall     
  • The stiarcase leading up to the library    
  • The main multi-use hall    
  • The gymnasium    
  • Internal view of classroom    
  • The library is the only room on the upper level    
  • Internal view of the lavatories    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • South-west elevation    
  • Diagram plan showing segregation of quiet and noisy areas    
  • Sketch plan    
  • Modified plan    
  • Final plan    
  • Section through staircase landing    
  • Axonometric of the main staircase    
  • Axonometric showing assembley hall stage, window and wall construction    

School with accommodation for 160 pupils incorporating classrooms, assembly hall, gymnasium, administration and playing fields

The girls high school is situated on high ground, commanding a view of around 30 miles. The building is placed on the south east part of the site to avoid cutting down any trees, take advantage of the view and to be screened from the main Darlington road, which runs along the northern boundary.

The entrance hall is on the south west side, with the main corridor running at right angles to it and the main staircase leading to the library and roof terrace. The main corridor creates the spine of the whole building, sufficiently wide to cope with the load of people at peak times and providing frequent access to the outdoor areas. Cloakrooms are grouped at right angles to the main corridor.

Two principals governing the plan were the need for even lighting and ventilation throughout and the importance of complete acoustic isolation of all parts intended for mental work. This was achieved by isolating the classrooms in pairs as separate pavilions, with open terraces between and connected with the central corridor of the building by short glazed corridors.

The architect has made use of local building materials. Local stone is used in the form of solid rubble walls for the portions of the building that did not demand openings larger than could be spanned by a stone lintel.


  • Completed: 1940
  • Sector: Education
  • Address: Richmond School , Darlington Road , Richmond, North Yorkshire , DL10 7BQ, United Kingdom

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