The Link Building

Powell Tuck Associates, London, 2016


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the Link Building - view towards the garden door 

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  • the Link Building - view towards the garden door    
  • View towards the garden door.     
  • Garden entrance    
  • The Link Building    
  • View of the front elevation    
  • Street view    
  • Triangular pitched roof over the side door    
  • Joinery pocket leading to the kitchen and WC    
  • Glazed single pitched roof over the entrance    
  • Original side entrance with a brick arch above.     
  • Fitted joinery units conceal entrance to the kitchen    
  • Specially fitted joinery units.    
  • Brick wall shadow gap detail    
  • Detail concealing LED light stip    
  • The new utility room    
  • The Link Building and the adjoining garage    
  • Site Plan, Existing and Proposed Ground Floor Plan    
  • Ground Floor Plan    
  • Proposed Ground Floor Plan    
  • Proposed Roof Plan    
  • Elevations    
  • Elevations and Details    
  • Sections    
  • 001    
  • The gap between the buildings before the construction    
  • View of the gap between the building pre-construction    
  • Previous side entrance    
  • Sections and Details    
  • Elevations and Details    

A new link building created in a gap between a semi detached house and a garage.

We created the Link Building in a gap between a house and a garage. By incorporating just over 12 sqm external area into the main body of the house, we increased internal floor space by over 40 sqm.

The link gave the opportunity to re-orchestrate the layout of the ground floor of the house. The key objective was to connect different areas of the house, incorporate the external alley way and re-jig functions to make the most of the space. New link-structure unlocked the potential of the back of the house and allowed the creation of a new playroom, improved side entrance and utility areas.

The relation of the existing elements generated the design and the geometry of the proposal. We kept the profile of the new structure low, to manage the difficult junction of the pitched roof of the garage with the new roof and as so not to overpower the existing property’s front door. At the same time, we needed to incorporate the original, very tall side entrance into the design and keep the brick arch visible.

The single pitched glazed roof is set out below existing coping stone to ensure simple junction was achieved between glass and brick. The bulk of this element was carefully hidden behind the angled roof. As you enter further into the extension the roof becomes much simpler - a top-lit glazed element runs parallel along the link with a glass door at the end of the space leading out to the garden.

The external brick wall of the house became an internal feature. The new stone floor relates to the outside space. Specially fitted joinery units form a series of pockets with concealed doors to the kitchen, WC and coat cupboards. Just like you see them, now you don’t.

The link was carefully detailed. The shadow gap underneath the brick wall, bespoke joinery and a lot of light turned the ‘gap between two buildings’ into a meaningful space that improved lives of our clients.


  • Begun: Oct 2015
  • Completed: Sep 2016
  • Floor area: 50m2
  • Sectors: Residential, House
  • Total cost: £249,687
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Jun 2015
  • Procurement: Traditional
  • Address: 2 Stradella Road, London, SE24 9HA, United Kingdom

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