Oldfield Rd

A+Architecture, London, 2017


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Timber and Origami Stairs 

Pedro Clarke (website)     Download Original

  • Timber and Origami Stairs    
  • Detail Roof Extension    
  • Front of view of the House    
  • Detail of Zinc Box at Back of House    
  • View Back of House    
  • Passage Downstairs    
  • Bottom of Stairs    
  • Stairs    
  • First Floor Stair    
  • Master Bedroom    
  • Eaves Rooflight    
  • Rooflight    
  • Top Floor    
  • Master Bedroom - Timber Reveal    
  • Top Balcony    
  • First Floor Room    
  • First Floor Terrace    
  • Dining Room    
  • Kitchen    
  • Downstairs towards Kitchen    
  • Downstairs towards Living Room    
  • PCC_5066    
  • Nightshot    
  • Groundfloor Plan    
  • 1st Floor Plan    
  • 2nd Floor Plan    
  • Roof Plan    
  • West+East Elevations    
  • South Elevation    
  • Sections A+B    
  • Sections A1+B1    
  • Roof Volume Sketch    
  • Sketch Front of House    
  • Sketch Back of House    
  • Stair Details 01    
  • Stair Details 02    
  • Door and Screen Details - Stair    
  • Stairs Site Sketch    
  • Timber Window Reveal Sketch    

Refurbishment and Roof Extension of end of terrace house in Stoke Newington.

Located at the start of Oldfield Road, Stoke Newington, this house is believe to have once been part of the stables of a larger farming estate. It was later converted into an end of terrace house as the street developed. Roughly 3.2m wide this narrow building had a first floor terrace covered by a mature wisteria plant, which set the motto for our project.

Given the rich history of this house, it was very important for us to somehow retain the profile of the roof, and as such the modern rooftop extension was conceived as zinc-clad box carefully placed within the footprint of the previous pitched roof. This created a new top floor balcony which with wall to wall sliding-folding windows can open up offering previously unknown views of Stoke Newington church, and allowing space for the wisteria 'blue moon' plant to continue growing.

A carefully detailed open-tread timber stair with origami inspired balustrades, sits at the centre of the house and allowed us to build the additional floor which houses the new master bedroom and modern fully glazed en-suite bathroom. A corner eaves-roof-light completes the composition of the façades, allowing light to filter down the new staircase.

On the first floor an opening up onto the existing terrace is now a flexible room which can be used as a second bedroom or an upstairs lounge making this terrace an even more integral part of the house. Finally on the ground floor, the new staircase divides what was once a very long space into two elegant rooms containing the kitchen and dining room towards the entrance, and a living room which can double up as en-suite bedroom towards the back. Both spaces can be closed off, using large full height sliding doors, to create separate independent living spaces.


  • Begun: Mar 2017
  • Completed: Jul 2017
  • Floor area: 90m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £133,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Jan 2017
  • Procurement: RIBA Domestic Contract
  • Address: 1B Oldfield Road, London, N16 0RR, United Kingdom

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