Caution Cinema

ScottWhitbyStudio, Various, 2016


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Caution Cinema 

Osman Marfo-Gyasi (website)     Download Original

  • Caution Cinema    
  • Participants viewing safety video in the Caution Cinema    
  • Caution Cinema    
  • Entrance of the Caution Cinema    
  • Dock worker stepping into the space    
  • Looking back at the entrance of the Caution Cinema    
  • Foam detail    
  • Foam detail    
  • Foam detail    
  • Plan drawing     
  • Long Section    
  • Axo View V2.png    
  • Visual showing internal of the Caution Cinema    

A fully immersive, multi-sensory, pop-up travelling cinema

This fully immersive, multi-sensory, pop-up cinema was an important element of a port side health and safety campaign. An ordinary shipping container was converted into a dark, soft, and soundless space which challenges dock workers preconceptions of such an object
The entrance to the cinema is via a labyrinthine path which helps block out all external light and sound as well as deliberately disorientating visitors to force them to become acutely aware of their surroundings. Using this multi-sensory experience, visitors are forced to take extra care and proceed with caution - as promoted by the safety campaign, and will benefit from a memorable experience, which will hopefully help promote better and safer working practices of those that work in or around the UK’s ports and dock sides.
All internal surfaces are clad with pyramid formed acoustic foam to be walked and sat on, creating an anechoic chamber. With the sounds of the outside world absorbed by over a thousand colourful pyramids, an unusual silence heightens attention to focus on the video presentation
The project which arrives either by sea via a container ship or by lorry, fits inside a 2m x 6m shipping container and seats up to 8 people at a time. A movable screen drops down from within a concealed foam compartment to create a perfect cinematic viewing experience. The foam pyramids (originally sound insulation foam) also acts as a thermal insulant so that the container is both warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


  • Begun: Jun 2016
  • Completed: Jul 2016
  • Floor area: 14m2
  • Sectors: Education, Transport
  • Total cost: £30,000
  • Tender date: May 2016
  • Procurement: Traditional
  • Address: Various - UK Ports, Various, Various, United Kingdom

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