RUSSIAN FOR FISH, East Molesey, 2017


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  • Existing ground floor plan    
  • Existing first floor plan    
  • Existing front and rear elevation    
  • Existing section AA    
  • Proposed ground floor plan    
  • Proposed first floor plan    
  • Proposed front and rear elevation    
  • Proposed section AA    
  • Concealed gutter and sliding door head track    

The extension of a semi-detached property, incorporating the existing detached garage to create additional living space and a strong connection with the garden

HCA is a semi-detached property, with a south facing garden to the rear and a shared driveway. As existing the house had a single-glazed conservatory to the rear, a detached garage and a small loft conversion.

The brief was to rationalise the ground floor creating a larger kitchen and a generous living space with a stronger connection to the garden. The approach was to demolish the conservatory replacing it with a deeper rear, zinc clad, extension connecting to and incorporating the garage. The proposed extension created a sheltered courtyard, onto which the studio and living space opened and across which the garden could be viewed.

The detached garage had a pitched roof: we took advantage of the need to replace it by raising the ridge line, allowing the pitch to continue throughout the rear extension and giving an increased head height within the living room.

Much of the original rear facade at ground floor was removed creating an open plan layout. Large sliding doors leading out to the courtyard take advantage of the morning and midday sun allowing light to penetrate the central space, which was previously very dark. Rooflights to the western roof pitch of the studio allow the evening sun to be enjoyed.

The client was keen that the proposed extension was a contemporary addition to the existing house. The pre-patinated zinc cladding allows the extension to be read as a singular form, which contrasts with the more traditional materials of the house. It is a robust material, which could be applied to the relatively shallow pitched roof of the extension and from which concealed gutters and flashing could be could be formed. This allowed for a homogenous treatment of the facades. Pre-patination ensured the tinted grey colour selected by our client will remain constant as the extension ages and requires minimal maintenance. The grey also compliments the deep greens of the gardens foliage and the pale interiors.


  • Completed: Jan 2017
  • Floor area: 75m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £83,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Procurement: MWD2011
  • Address: 6 Hampton Court Avenue, Teesdale Street, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 0BQ, United Kingdom

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