Beckett House

Adam Knibb Architects, Winchester, 2015


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  • Ground Floor Plan    
  • First Floor Plan    
  • Section AA    
  • Section BB    
  • Front and Side Elevation    
  • Rear Elevation    
  • Stair Detail    
  • External Details    

Whole house refurbishment and contemporary rear and side extension of a 1951 farm workers semi-detached house.

Adam Knibb Architects were approached to review and produce ideas for a whole house refurbishment and extension. Tight planning constraints meant we had to take an inventive view towards getting the space required. With the original cottage based in the countryside, we had to make use of a planning loophole that allowed only allowed a small dwelling to be extended by 25% if below 120sqm. Following this if the existing house was then over 120sqm we could apply for a much larger extension.

It was proposed that the existing 1950s Farm Worker cottage would be completely gutted and turned into a very contemporary modern house. The ground floor extension gives the opportunity for a large vista view to the garden and woodlands beyond. At first floor level a new master suite was added which poked its head out around the existing building and benefited from dual aspect views – from woodlands to fields.

The exterior concept was to for a distinct datum between the ground and first floor. A solid monolithic masonry base at the ground and the first floor timber box can then appear to sit lightly on top. The design does not want to be overbearing to the road so gives a soft modern approach from the front but then completely transforms the house from the rear.

Internally, a radical floating staircase allows natural light to be brought through from the front hallway into the open plan rear space. Large slim line sliding doors open fully to blur the transition between internal and external space.


  • Begun: Jul 2014
  • Completed: Oct 2015
  • Floor area: 197m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £225,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Apr 2014
  • Procurement: JCT Minor Works Contract 2011
  • Address: 12 Hacks Lane, Crawley, Winchester, SO21 2PY, United Kingdom

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