Juice Rodriguez

PHASE3 Architecture and Design, Barcelona, 2014


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  • Juice Rodriguez - Plan    
  • Juice Rodriguez - Long Section     
  • Juice Rodriguez - Short Sections     
  • Juice Rodriguez - Detail    
  • Juice Rodriguez - Concept    
  • Juice Rodriguez - Concept Isometric    
  • Juice Rodriguez - Furniture    
  • Juice Rodriguez - Internal Elevation    
  • Juice Rodriguez - Furniture Exploded Isometric    
  • Juice Rodriguez - Wall Detail    

Juice Rodriguez is a new juice bar and café located in Barcelona city centre

The client asked for a chic and cool space which would reinforce their brand identity.

The overall budget for the project was limited, so the architect chose a material which was economical, but could be easily transformed, manipulated, and crafted. Digital fabrication techniques were implemented on plywood to create a warming atmosphere with a distinct high-quality appearance.

The low cost material was converted into a rich and precise wall pattern, further enhanced by the addition of inlays of different materials. Covering nearly the entire space it opens up opportunities to incorporate menus, imagery and product information within the grid.

The same material as for the wall cladding is used to create a series of bespoke furniture pieces, designed to produce a minimum of excess material.


  • Begun: May 2014
  • Completed: May 2014
  • Floor area: 60m2
  • Sector: Retail
  • Total cost: £175,000
  • Procurement: Standard
  • Address: Travessera de Gracia 36, Barcelona 08021, Barcelona, 08021, Spain

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