Austur Indíafjélagið

Nikhil Dhumma, Reykjavík, 2014


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Main dining room 

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  • Main dining room    
  • The bar    
  • Private dining room    
  • Combining Indian and Icelandic influences    
  • Focused splashes of colour    
  • Reclaimed Indian teak used throughout    
  • The lounge    
  • Old and new, teak and brass    
  • Site Plan    
  • Ground Floor Plan    
  • Elevation    
  • Section    
  • Lounge Elevation    
  • Lounge Elevation    
  • Before refurbishment    
  • Before refurbishment    
  • Day 2 on site    
  • Day 3 exterior    
  • Bar Plan    
  • Front Bar Elevations    
  • Back Bar Elevations    
  • Bar Sections aa bb    
  • Bar Sections cc dd    
  • Bar Sections ee ff    
  • Bar Sections gg hh    

The refurbishment and expansion of a restaurant in central Reykjavík, Iceland

Austur Indíafjélagið is Iceland’s oldest Indian restaurant and the brief called for a full refurbishment, to be constructed within a five week window, as part of its twenty year anniversary.

The space occupied is housed within existing premises and by expansion into an adjacent cinema theatre, uniting the entire ground floor and building frontage.

The character of this project is an amalgamation of Indian and Icelandic influences, with a design palette derived and interpreted from the client’s memories and experiences of growing up in both countries.

The existing building, a former timber merchant’s store, is stripped back to its original shell and the concrete structure exposed.

Reclaimed Indian teak, used throughout, is inserted to create a new host station, a central bar, a lounge and private dining room.

Focused splashes of colour combine with the warmth of teak, also used for furniture, to counter polished concrete, with brass detail added to enrich the experience.


  • Begun: Apr 2014
  • Completed: May 2014
  • Floor area: 192m2
  • Sector: Retail
  • Total cost: £242,000
  • Procurement: Traditional
  • Address: Hverfisgata 56, Reykjavík, 101, Iceland

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