Cafe in the Courtyard

Platform 5 Architects, London, 2013


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Kiosk in the Cafe in the Courtyard looking towards the Vestry Hall at St Martins-in-the-Fields 

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  • Kiosk in the Cafe in the Courtyard looking towards the Vestry Hall at St Martins-in-the-Fields    
  • Kiosk with peened stainless steel cladding looking towards the Church of St Martin-in-the-Fields    
  • A busy Cafe in the Courtyard during summer    
  • The kiosk with roller shutter in closed position    
  • Kiosk in the Cafe in the Courtyard    
  • Temporary tables and chairs, which are stored within the kiosk at night    
  • Cafe in the Courtyard kiosk in use    
  • Cafe in the Courtyard kiosk in use    
  • A view of the contrasting brass mesh    
  • Looking towards the kiosk and its peened stainless steel scalloped cladding    
  • Kiosk in use, showing contrast brass mesh    
  • Kiosk open showing the night time storage area      
  • Cafe in the Courtyard in summer months    
  • East Elevation    
  • North Elevation    
  • South Elevation    
  • West Elevation    
  • Design Intent    
  • Working Detail    

Self-contained, contemporary café situated in the previously underused east courtyard of St Martin-in-the-Fields, open during the summer months and stored off site in winter

Platform 5 Architects were commissioned to design a temporary café aimed at bringing new activity to an underused courtyard at St Martin-in-the-Fields. The café provides a welcoming facility for local workers and passers-by and supports the work and upkeep of the church.

The cafe is a small, self-contained temporary structure, with a simple design that is sympathetic to its Georgian surroundings. The kiosk is conceived as a portico structure, with recessed sides giving a lightweight appearance and deep eaves providing daytime shelter and a storage area for tables and chairs at night. Its contemporary materials include peened stainless steel cladding and a contrasting bright brass mesh that catches varying light throughout the day, thereby adding further visual interest.

It was prefabricated in Italy before being installed on site in June 2013 and will operate only during the summer months, being stored off site during the winter.


  • Begun: Feb 2013
  • Completed: Jul 2013
  • Floor area: 6m2
  • Sectors: Arts and culture, Public realm
  • Total cost: £70,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Feb 2013
  • Procurement: Direct order with manufacturer
  • Address: East Courtyard, St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 4JJ, United Kingdom

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