Pallet Pavilion

Newcastle University Pallet Pavillion Team, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2013


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Pallet Pavilion 

Irina Korneychuk     Download Original

  • Pallet Pavilion    
  • Pakket Pavilion close up    
  • Pallet Pavilion outside the Great North museum    
  • Class being taught inside Pallet Pavilion during the festival    
  • Internal exhibition    
  • Internal Exhibition    
  • Sitting next to the Great North museum    
  • Pallet Pavilion    
  • Pallet signs during the festival    
  • Pallet Pavilion signpost during the festival    
  • Pallet Pavilion    
  • A class sat on the bench during the festival    
  • Entrance    
  • Plan    
  • Section Render    
  • Exploded axo showing nested insects    
  • Hessian study    
  • Corner Axo and Section Detail    
  • Elevations    
  • facade testing in the workshop    
  • facade test    
  • facade test    
  • 1:1 testing    
  • recording    
  • harris delivery    
  • Preparing the Site    
  • development model    
  • Etching    
  • visualisation of pavillion    
  • Construciton    
  • Construction    
  • Construction    
  • Construction    
  • Construction    
  • Rachet strap    
  • Construction    
  • Construction    
  • Construction    
  • Laser Cutting    
  • Construction Plan Detail    

Pallet Pavilion as part of the British Science Festival 2013 in Newcastle upon Tyne

As part of British Science Festival 2013 a group of architecture students, led by architecture tutors Armelle Tardiveau and Daniel Mallo, designed and built a ‘Pallet Pavilion’ outside the Great North Museum: Hancock. The project team also organised a range of engagement activities around the Pavilion around the theme of sustainability and biodiversity.

The aim of the Pavilion was to showcase how architecture should be aware of its natural environment and how it can foster reciprocal ecological relationships. The Pavilion intended to raise awareness of the exceptional wildlife corridors that run through the city and their biodiversity. It was hoped that increased public awareness will help with future efforts to conserve biodiversity in Newcastle.

From a sustainable perspective, the structure showcased to the general public how building materials can be recycled and be locally sourced.

The pavillion was constructed from reclaimed timber pallets, locally sourced straw and hessian. When the pavilion was dismantled these were in turn re-used again: the pallets were bought back by the supplier for further use, the straw was donated to a local farm and the hessian was collected to make scarecrows.


  • Begun: Aug 2013
  • Completed: Sep 2013
  • Floor area: 72m2
  • Sectors: Public realm, Education
  • Total cost: £2,546
  • Funding: Ignite Small Grant
  • Procurement: n/a (self-built)
  • Address: Great North Museum: Hancock, Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4PT, United Kingdom