Democratic Seating

Bryan Campbell Davies, Bristol, 2012


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Set in the school grounds 

Jamie Woodley (website)     Download Original

  • Set in the school grounds    
  • Orb from side    
  • Marine Ply Orb Seat    
  • Orb seat in context    
  • In use    
  • Looking towards school    
  • 3D sketches    
  • Design drawing    
  • Covered structure    
  • Coloured surface pattern    
  • During installation    
  • during installation    
  • Initial concept drawing    
  • Leg detail    

An outdoor learning space for a new school designed for those with learning, social and emotional behavioral difficulties

Knowle DGE is a new school designed for those with learning, social and emotional behavioral difficulties.

Bryan developed workshops with pupils involving a large cardboard ‘shelter’. This was quickly occupied and impromptu laws emerged regarding ownership, access, including a sit in protest. Based on this, Bryan took forward a design based on a key principle; a space for kids to sit outside of their highly controlled building, to hang out; an oasis from the school environment and everyday tensions.

The final design has multiple entry points, sitting positions, defining a boundary but not creating a barrier or barricade. It is situated under a mature tree in the school grounds.

An abstract form, a face with Mickey Mouse ears, Homer Simpson eyes. An eclectic mix; a skeletal structure or 'ship' which has been left like a relic in the controlled landscape of the school, to be used by a new generation to think through and discuss their issues.


  • Begun: Mar 2012
  • Completed: Jul 2012
  • Floor area: 25m2
  • Sectors: Education, Public realm
  • Total cost: £30,000
  • Procurement: Bespoke / Traditional
  • Address: Knowle DGE, Leinster Avenue, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 1NN, United Kingdom

Professional Team