Bow Riverside

Adams & Sutherland, Stratford, London, 2011


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  • Bridge mockup details    

Canalside walkway and bridge that passes underneath Bow Roundabout to reconnect pedestrian and cycle routes

In plan, the bridges and walkways combine to form an elongated ‘Z’. A cantilevered towpath goes under the road bridge then steps up to a walkway to meet the bank. From this point a landscaped path doubles back toward the roundabout through a glade of young trees and the bridge crosses to the east bank of the canal at an acute angle, where to the south there are steps, to the north a ramp suitable for cyclists.

Where the towpath passes under the roundabout it is cantilevered off the wall, fixed with gallows brackets, with light fittings placed to reflect of the water.

The steel structure of the bridge and walkways sit on a trolley which in turn sits on a pile cap. Muscular looking fenders, designed to protect the piles from possible collisions, have been placed to aid the biodiversity strategy.

Numerous vertical hardwood timber battens screwed to the main structure, that run the length of the walkways and bridge, tie the various elements of the scheme together.


  • Begun: 2010
  • Completed: 2011
  • Sector: Transport
  • Total cost: £2.4M
  • Funding: London Thames Gateway Development Corporation
  • Procurement: Design and build from Stage D
  • Address: Bow Roundabout, Stratford, London, E15 2PN, United Kingdom

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