Shingle House

NORD architecture, Dungeness, Kent, 2010


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Charles Hosea (website)     Download Original

  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Section A-A    
  • North elevation    
  • East elevation    
  • South elevation    
  • West elevation    

Four bedroom holiday home built on Dungeness Beach as part of the Living Architecture programme

The house, which sleeps eight people, is situated on the vast shingle beach at Dungeness, which is empty except for a random collection of fisherman's huts.

The house is built on a 300mm-thick reinforced concrete slab directly on top of the shingle. A solid internal core made of polished concrete and comprising the hearth, chimney, stove and bathing rooms sits on top of this slab.

The highly-insulated superstructure has a timber frame with I-joists and red cedar vertical rainscreen cladding shingles which wrap round the eaves to form the roof.

As a safeguard against the marine environment, the bespoke folding doors, which form picture windows, are black anodised aluminium rather than timber.


  • Begun: Nov 2009
  • Completed: Nov 2010
  • Floor area: 183m2
  • Sector: House
  • Procurement: JCT 2005 without quantities
  • Address: Dungeness Road, Dungeness, Kent, TN29 9NE, United Kingdom

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