Eastend Sawmills

NORD architecture, Glasgow, 2006


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Eastend Sawmills 

Spencer Murphy (website)     Download Original

  • Eastend Sawmills    
  • The western red cedar louvres act as a symbol of the works behind    
  • The Sawmill interior     
  • The facade from the inside    
  • OSB is used on the internal finishes    
  • The office interior    
  • View from inside the veiled facade    
  • All timber elements were standard units from the sawmill    
  • Site plan/aerial photo    
  • Location plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Long section    
  • Short section    
  • Sketch    
  • Elements diagram    

Single-storey, timber-clad office and showroom designed to replace a previous building destroyed by fire

A single-storey extension to the clients' sawmill was required to be erected quickly, with the possibility of dismantling and moving it to another site. For practical, environmental, and commercial reasons timber was chosen for the showroom's construction to make maximum use of its own products.

A self-articulating, layered facade sits in front of perimeter walls formed from diagonally faced trusses. The south-west, main elevation is formed of vertical western red cedar fins in front of the glazed wall. This design is intended to reduce solar glare.

The foundations have been designed as a series of masonry piers built off the existing formation, a concrete ground-bearing slab. Steel strap connections ensure interaction between the superstructure and foundations.

The interior floors and ceilings are composed of OSB panels with a a clear, fire-resistant coating. All the material used in this extension was sourced from the adjacent warehouse.


  • Begun: Mar 2006
  • Completed: Jun 2006
  • Floor area: 243m2
  • Sectors: Retail, Office
  • Total cost: £137,000
  • Address: East End Sawmill, Unit 6, Shawfield Retail & Trade Park, Boundary Road , Glasgow, G73 1DB, United Kingdom

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